graduation project

 sculpture park

Marušići - Marussici



Marušići - Marussici is a small Istrian village where stonemasonary used to be the main business activity for ages. As industry developed, the quarry slowly ceased with to operate. For maz gradual thesis, I needed to explore concepts of identity and orientation, as well as different views on design for sustainable development. Subsequently, I applied my investigations to the sculpture park in Marušići to which I conceived an identity and a signage system. In this context, I tended to establish a kind of local creative community that could operate internationally, as over thirty years there has already been running an international sculpture workshop, unfortunately gaining less and less interest and resources. With a new look and signage system I thus tried to update the identity of a sculpture park and improve its usefulness, since all of its sculptures were (and, at the present moment, still are) unmarked, lacking an overview of it as a whole. With an overview of different theories, views and approaches to the understanding of sustainable development models and to a broader view of the orientation I inclined to anticipate the problems that limited the development of this specific environment. The ultimate goal, however, would be the project of reconstruction of the sculpture park as part of rebuilding or workshops, and establishment of creative networks.


Marušići marked on the istrian map                                   The cultural house of Marušići

The location of the park and the stone quarry

Simplification of the roads crossing Marušići

Simulation of the park map carved into the local stone